October 13, 2021

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The 20 Best Residential Architects in Hawaii

The 20 Best Residential Architects in Hawaii

Nishikawa Architects has been named one of the “20 Best Residential Architects in Hawaii” by Home Builder Digest. Visit Home Builder Digest here.

According to Home Builder Digest, “Nishikawa Architects is a highly commended designer among the architecture and building community. In recent years, the firm’s work has constantly earned the BIA Renaissance Building and Remodeling Awards. Wall Street Journal also featured one of the firm’s works in its ‘House of the Day’ section.”

For info and a portfolio of Nishikawa Architect’s projects, click here.

According to Home Builder Digest, “The architectural firms, architects, and designers featured in this article are the very best in the state. These companies have worked with developers and luxury homeowners to conceptualize and design indoor, outdoor, and whole-home spaces that celebrate both modern and traditional elements. These professionals are recognized for their sustainable design solutions, architectural excellence, and stellar customer service.”

Nishikawa Architects is the architectural design firm for Architectural Design & Construction, Inc. (ADC).

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